Frequently Asked Questions


Gravy is an online and mobile gifting platform created to simplify and inspire thoughtful gifting in the workplace and beyond. Gravy is the easiest way to send beautifully wrapped gifts from your phone or computer. You simply choose your gift, select your contact, personalize and send. There's no recipient address needed! Our collection of gifts, gift cards, flowers, food and wine and spirits is uniquely curated with all occasions and recipients in mind. Gravy for Business and Gravy Concierge Services take our beautifully wrapped and presented gift options to an even higher level.

A Gravy for Business subscription provides you with all of the tools you need to thoughtfully remember and reward employees, clients and partners. A Gravy Business subscription provides you with custom branding and gift wrapping, access to a dedicated concierge, custom company alert notifications, reporting and more. Visit our Gravy for Business page or reach out to hello@itsallgravy.com to get started.

Our personal concierge service takes gift selection one step further by sourcing and providing tailored gifts options. Visit our Concierge Services information page for more information or reach out at concierge@itsallgravy.com or 877-392-4098.

Sign up for Gravy at itsallgravy.com/signup or download the Gravy App from the iPhone App Store. Once you set up an account, including your payment method, our four-step gifting process is at your fingertips. Choose your gift, choose your recipient, select your gift wrap, write a note and voilà, your Gravy gift is on it's way.

At Gravy we believe that it's not only the thought that counts. We extend the gift giving experience by going all out on the frills: a hand wrapped box, a nice bow, tissue paper and a personalized note from the giver are all included. Our Gravy Email Notification Option magnifies the simplicity and timeliness of gifting. Furthermore, our communication to you and your recipient throughout the gifting process adds to the simplicity, ease and enjoyment of sending a Gravy gift.

No address required! The Gravy Email Notification Option eases many of the stumbling blocks of gifting. The recipient receives an email to their inbox with the exciting news that you have sent them a gift along with your personal note. No more awkward and surprise-ruining conversations asking for home addresses. They respond to our email with the address that they would like their hand wrapped gift to be shipped to and even have the option of thanking you right on the spot! Email Notifications are instantaneous. Recipients are notified of their gift seconds after closing the big deal, going the extra mile or just-in-time for their birthday or work anniversary. Whatever the occasion, email notifications add a level of privacy to a business gift exchange as the recipient can choose to route their gift directly to their home or office.

After sending your gift you will receive 4 simple emails from It's All Gravy.

  1. Your order confirmation with recipient details and cost.
  2. A notice once your recipient has viewed your gift.
  3. A thank-you note from your recipient, if they choose.
  4. A notice when your beautifully wrapped gift and gift note is on its way.
  5. In addition, our customer service team is on-hand to answer any questions that you may have during the gifting process.

When you send a gift by email, we notify your recipient the moment you hit “send.” Most people claim their gifts right away. If a gift goes unclaimed, we remind the recipient after 3 days. At five days our courteous customer support team reaches out personally. This usually does the trick! The real stragglers get notified again after a week. At that point we follow up with you to see how best to handle it. In the mean time, you can always email support@itsallgravy.com with any questions or concerns.

Yes. We charge a nominal fee of $4.95 for Standard Shipping (3-5 days) on gifts and $24.95 for Express Shipping on gifts (1-2 days). For gift cards the rate is $1.95 for Standard Shipping (3-5 days) on the first gift card, $1.50 for each additional card and $10.95 for Express Shipping (1-2 days). Note: With the Gravy Email Notification Option our customers rarely find it necessary to choose Express Shipping.

Gravy gifts are carefully hand-wrapped with our complements. You can choose from a satin finished paper tied with thick satin ribbon or a rustic natural paper with ribbon and jute chord. Inside the box the recipient will find our signature tissue paper and your personalized note. Even our Gift Cards arrive with an eye on their presentation, in an elegant shiny-black accordion envelope. We take presentation into account when selecting our few drop-ship partners so you can always expect a Gravy gift to arrive in style.

If there is something wrong with your gift, email (support@itsallgravy.com) or call (877-392-4097) and our team will respond to your inquiry.

Yes, we protect your credit card information with SSL encryption and we use Stripe, one of the world's largest and safest payment processors.

If you are interested in Gravy carrying your brand, please forward your information, including your company website to support@itsallgravy.com. Thank you!