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Why wait? Imagine your November and December workload WITHOUT Holiday gift-giving dominating your calendar. It’s never quick and easy when you do it yourself.

Make It Memorable

Starting now allows you to find the absolute perfect gift for everyone. Not the chotchkies or the fruit cakes… the memorable, thoughtful gift that leads to genuine gratitude and appreciation.

Personalize Messaging

You have time to not only find the perfect gift, but to craft the perfect message.

Brand Your Gift

The perfect gift with the perfect logo. Give them a gift they’ll appreciate with your branding that will keep your company top of mind.

Partner with GRAVY

When you let our team at GRAVY manage your Holiday Business Gifting, you still have control, but we do all the work – the wrapping, the personalized notecards, the shipping, the tracking….we can even expedite those that get missed from the list!


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Start working with GRAVY now and make this the smoothest holiday season ever.

Gifting through GRAVY eliminates holiday headaches, leftover inventory, endless hours spent writing messages and wrapping, giving you time to remember what’s really important at the Holidays.